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If you have a question then head to our reddit community. There we aim to build and be a community that is open to all of the different voices in gaming to amplify our voices with the goal of not just a sustainable gaming culture, but one that is beneficial to the planet and people.

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Update: Podcast “one heart left” has started!

Since launching I thought a lot about how I can keep growing the conversation about video games and climate change / sustainability and I've decided to create a podcast. We'll see how that goes 😉 I'm sure there will be many interesting conversations and lot's to learn and I'm excited about that. Some of my initial campaign ideas (open letter) will simply have to wait until the discussion is large enough - maybe it's not the right approach anyway. I will continue to work on what works right now, and making a podcast makes...

Let’s talk about video games and climate change!

Games and people that love and make games can be part of the solution to the climate crisis if we harness the power of our shared passion to bring us together. We need a permanent space where we can discuss, brainstorm, engage with each other and exchange ideas and information. is a platform for and by the video game community to do that and more. The three building blocks of Provide a frame and place for discussing sustainability in gaming. That place is the still tiny but growing...