Let’s talk about video games and climate change!

Games and people that love and make games can be part of the solution to the climate crisis if we harness the power of our shared passion to bring us together. We need a permanent space where we can discuss, brainstorm, engage with each other and exchange ideas and information. Redhearts.org is a platform for and by the video game community to do that and more.

The five building blocks of Redhearts.org

  • Provide a frame and place for this important discussion where we can learn and inspire each other. That place is the still tiny but growing Redhearts.org community subreddit
  • Create guides for personal actions for gamers to be more sustainable
  • Inform by aggregating all available information on this website and the “One heart left” podcast
  • Mobilize collective action to pressure the industry
  • Partner up with other organizations to support and grow social and environmental justice in gaming

You can be do a lot with little of your time. Share the video and this page. Switch to a renewable energy provider that does not profit from fossil fuels, change some settings on your gaming system and most importantly; join the discussion on the Redhearts.org community subreddit.

Listen to the podcast/show “One heart left” if we want to be entertained, stay updated and are interested in what more you can do. Also check out the people we are working together with on our partner page:

Redhearts.org launch video