Campaign updates

Update: Podcast “one heart left” has started!

Since launching I thought a lot about how I can keep growing the conversation about video games and climate change / sustainability and I've decided to create a podcast. I'm hoping to release at least 3 per month. We'll see how that goes 😉

How much does gaming effect our environment?

Disclaimer: I'm not a scientist and this post is work in progress. is about to launch and I sort of forgot to make a post about the numbers. The thing is: I don't care that much about the exact numbers. I'm focused on improving the situation...

How do we do this best & what are the next steps? has launched and everyone is invited to help lay the foundations. The best place to do that is in our community subreddit. Please inform yourself and others. Please read the about page too! If you don’t like what you see there – stop reading now. It will save you...

Let’s talk about video games and climate change!

Games and people that love and make games can be part of the solution to the climate crisis if we harness the power of our shared passion to bring us together. We need a permanent space where we can discuss, brainstorm, engage with each other and exchange... website is work in progress

Contact: [email protected] Edit 6. January, 2020: If you want to know what was going through my head during the inception of and "what's in the DNA" of then here are a few lists. I'll also make a YouTube Playlist with videos I...