What we want

We want to see a thriving gaming industry that works for the people and planet in the long term. The climate crisis is blocking our path to that goal. We play an active role in fighting human-made climate change starting now.

Redhearts.org is a platform for and by the video game community where we combine our diverse voices and actions, harness the power of gaming to bring us together and be part of the solution to the climate crisis.


Become a part of the movement by joining the discussion on how we organize ourselves, what our goals are and how we will work to achieve them. Let's make our voices count.

Who we are & Philosophy

We are you. We're here for the big quest, the one to save the world. We’re here to level up our character and maybe spend some points in social skills. All our planet are belong to all of us.

Every voice in our community counts the same and every experience is valid. Change will come and mistakes will happen. We are not perfect but strive to be better every day.

We have the clear vision of radical inclusivity! Alt-right, racist, sexist and misogynistic behavior has no place in our community. No fascists or nazis allowed.

To meet our goals, we use the tools of non-violent direct action. We are free of commercial interests and industry links. We will remain so. We respect your privacy.


If you agree with this philosophy, you may speak and act for Redhearts.org and organize independent action to achieve our goals.

Disagree? This community is not for you.