Let's talk about video games and climate change

Redhearts.org is a platform for and by the video game community to combine our diverse voices and actions, harness the power of gaming to bring us together and be part of the solution to the climate crisis.

We want to see a thriving gaming industry and community that works for the people and planet in the long term. We are ready for personal change and the industry must act too.

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Video games in the news

These articles focus on the risks and potentials that video games and technology have on our planet, society and individuals.

πŸ”— Microsoft announces plans to be “carbon negative” by 2030

Article by Rebekah Valentine, staff writer at gamesindustry.biz. - Article about the great news that Microsoft just announced! Microsoft has committed that they will be carbon negative by 2030 for direct emissions and their entire supply and value chain.

πŸ”— Australian university launches study into industry carbon emissions.

Article by Haydn Taylor, senior staff writer at gamesindustry.biz. - Led by Dr Ben Abraham at The University of Technology in Sydney, a survey has launched to measure the environmental impact of game development. The survey also attempts to asses the position of developers towards climate change.

πŸ”— Twitch Streamers Raise Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Fight Australian Bushfires

Article by Nathan Grayson, senior reporter at Kotaku. - The article tells the story of a group of streamers that raised $220,000 to fight Australian bushfires in 36 hours. Great example of the community coming together. Let's not just treat the symptoms, but work to be part of the solution too though!

πŸ”— Video: Google and Amazon are now in the oil business / Vox.com

Video by VOX.com - Tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are working with Big Oil to extract more oil and gas by using machine learning. The companies have been very vocal and active about their sustainability efforts. In parallel though, they are currently teaming up with the fossil fuel industry and profiting from them.


Article by Lewis Gordon for the verge. - An excellent article breaking down the environmental and human impacts of Sony’s Playstation 4 console. Looking at our hardware is another crucial piece of the puzzle to figure out how of what video games have to do with climate change.

πŸ”— YouTube stars raise over $6m to plant trees around the world

Article by Jessica Murray, writer for The Guardian. - More than 600 social media creators, many of them with gaming channels join the #TeamTrees fundraising campaign to plant 20m trees. Each $1 donation plants one tree. They have currently raised more than 15m $ by rallying their large numbers of followers.

πŸ”— Can game makers rise to meet the challenge of climate change?

Article by Haydn Taylor, senior staff writer at gamesindustry.biz. - This article provides a good overview of the latest developments in the gaming industry regarding the challenges of climate change. The article includes analysis of the pledges by the industry in the "Playing for the Planet" Alliance and voices from experts on the matter.

πŸ”— Video Game Companies Vow Action On Climate Change, But Critics Say They Need To Do More

Article by Cecilia D'Anastasio, senior reporter at Kotaku. - Great article providing an overview of the climate change and video games with voices from experts and activists in technology, games, energy and climate change.